Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fashion Design

Clothing that we use everyday are not produced with the origin so, but there is a pattern or design that is designed. Dresses design or fashion clothes designed by designers. The higher level of life, the demand for higher design clothes.

As an aspiring designer should have a basic knowledge of fashion design. The design will be created if there are constituent elements. Of course, should consider the principles of design. Armed with knowledge of design, expected future designers able to design properly.

Design is not just the images but the design one can make garments ranging from taking measure, create patterns, broken pattern, cutting to sewing clothes in other words someone design a guideline in creating clothing to the actual shape. So it is clear that the design plays an important role in making an outfit.

A. Definition of Design

The design is derived from English (design) which means "design, plan or their likeness". From the design comes word design means creating, thinking or designing. Judging from the noun, "design" can be interpreted as a composition design of lines, shapes, sizes, colors, textures and the value of an object that is created based on design principles. Further views of the verb, the design can be interpreted as a form of planning process with the goal of designed objects have a useful function and have value or beauty.

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