Monday, July 28, 2014

Models Wedding Gown

Various models of wedding dresses and wedding kebaya exhibited in the show Wedding Romance Week 2012 held at The InterContinental Resort Bali, August 31 to September 2, 2012 Bella Donna Group supported Martha Tilaar Group and Forever Jewellery exhibition inspirational wedding present.

Wedding Gown Works of Billy Tjong

Romance Wedding Wedding Week exhibition was opened by the mother Ayu Pastika, Bali's Governor's wife. Various wedding dress at present, presenting a collection of western and eastern culture, in accordance with the theme of the exhibition, the East Meets West. Some famous designers show their collections, among others Adjie Notonegoro, Billy Tjong, Chenny Han, Monika Weber, Widhi Budimulia, Agnes Budhisurya, Hengki Kawilarang, Tjok Abi, Ali Charisma as well as collaboration and Anne Diamond Avanti Avanti.

Diamond Bridal Kebaya work Aventie

Wedding This exhibition not only displays a variety of models and kebaya bridal wedding dress from a wide range of well-known designer, but also a variety of things that are always prepared before the wedding, ranging from a party rental place beautiful, photography, jewelry, makeup artist, and so forth. They came from Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya.

Talk Show By Diany Institution & Makeup Demo Sariayu

Informative talk show presented in Romance Wedding Week, with speakers Diany Institution, a wedding expert and founder of Bella Donna. The woman explains what prospective bride should be prepared to enjoy the day with a happy marriage. In addition, the talk show "Glowing on Your Wedding Day" presented by Martha

Tilaar Salon Day Spa, Dewi Sri Spa and Biokos. Demo dedicated makeup Etnika Sariayu Nusa Tenggara. Some other talk shows are also presented to enhance a happy wedding day.

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