Sunday, November 9, 2014

Learning and Learning Differences

Learning is an activity that has a process and is a staple ingredient in every level of education. learning can also be referred to as an attempt to know the process undertaken by an individual to get a change in behavior in the form of knowledge, skills or attitudes and positive values dujadikan as experience to get an impression of what is learned.

There is also the opinion that learning is a change in the behavior of individuals. of the many opinions about the definition of learning, can take the red thread that learning is a change in behavior or attitude that learning indivisu pad.

Learning has a meaning as a teaching and learning. Teachers as the teaching and learning of students as parties. In this case the material taught is oriented to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills of students as learning objectives.

Components of the lesson, including curriculum, instructional media, and learning facilities. In essence the key learning is the teacher, but demand remained active role daari teachers and students.

That is different from understanding and learning learn some vital lessons.

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