Friday, November 14, 2014


Effective teaching is indispensable if science can ditransfe well received by students. Therefore, it takes a good approach to learning that all that can be achieved. For the success of learning, not only takes the role of the student teacher alone but must also has an active role.

Here there is the approach of learning strategies that can be applied to learners.

1. Contextual approach, in this approach the students positioned sebaga offender. These approaches varied instructional strategies to teach students. The role of the teacher in the classroom is to help students in achieving its goals. The focus of the teacher is to provide information, manage the classroom and discover new things. Students are expected to discover knowledge on their own without depending on the teacher.

2. Constructivism, there is little resemblance to the contextual approach, the difference is visible from the knowledge that is often given stimulus.

3. Deductive - Inductive, this approach is an approach that is different but mutually supportive and complementary. This approach is closer to the explanation of concepts, terms and definitions at the beginning of learning activities.

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