Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Benhur XXL Blue Gown Short Sleeve Brocade With pleats and Ruffles

Many people who find themselves obese and do not dare to wear a party dress macam2 models that are not limited and not necessarily look ugly if worn. It is better to consult first with a Designer who can design a party dress made ​​with the right proportion to the body shape of the body, especially the large or extra small.

As Benhur Blue Gown XXL short sleeve pleats and ruffles and accented it. The design was given by my client and adapt them based on body sha
pe and size of my clients .. A special order is done only via online and my clients can not come to Jakarta for the purposes of measuring body or fittings. I often receive orders like this, and as long as I follow the way of measuring it is usually no problem in working order party dress online as seen on top of this when worn by my client at his home ..

XXL Blue Gown Benhur is short sleeved brocade material and having a certain pleats on the upper half body of dress while the bottom was given a full ball gown ruffles / rimpel. Application of 3D flower of the same material into the main accent of this party dress. At the bottom of the skirt there is an open hemisphere on the left side.

Applications compiled floral brocade bersuluran from top to bottom and dipayet makes this dress so much shiny and luxurious look ..

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