Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The tools for macro photography

The tools for macro photography:

1 Compact Camera / Prosumer
With a pocket camera / prosumer else we can capture the beauty of a rose, a kupu2 perched on flowers to suck nectar. Because of the current digital technology has enabled us to do macro photography with no less good results with a professional camera. Almost all pocket camera / prosumer which already provides a macro facility (usually marked with the symbol tulip image). And allow us to take pictures with the camera and the object focus distance of up to several inches.
Currently available filters / additional tool that can be installed in front of the lens pocket camera for macro photography such as Raynox and other filters to get more magnification.

2. SLR (Single Lens Reflex) both analog and digital.
All SLRDSLR camera now has a facility for macro photography using a different lens, and usually the distance between the lens focus to objectnya will differ depending on the type of lens that we use.
For special macro lens is usually the lens to object distance can be up to 20 cm, but if we use a telephoto lens, the distance of the closest we can get the focus point is usually more than 1 meter from the object.
Now it has many additional tools available in the form of close-up filters, filter Lup / Raynox and reverse lens (a lens that is modified) is in front of the lens attach, then the distance between the object and the lens will be that much closer to getting more magnification of 1: 1. And there is also a telephoto converter and extension tube mounted between the lens and the camera odi. To get the latest photos click here now.

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