Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Luxury often associated with expensive goods and also glamor. Luxuries are also often used as a symbol of one's social strata, because most who can use luxury goods is high social strata of people. This luxury coveted by almost every human being in this world. Still many people believe the luxury, performance will be more trendy and admirable.

Luxury can also be applied in a party. Still ringing our head that the party is a party that glittering luxury, outstanding entertainment, and special guests. Special guests in a luxury party atmosphere usually use gaun- special dress also. This dress was ternbagi into two, there are the usual dress and fancy dress party Muslim.

Actually, the mind set to be an expensive luxury can be changed. This is because even a simple dress can bring a luxurious feel as long as it fits in with the mix. For the Muslim, Islamic party dress also can be used for anything fancy. Luxury and eleganitas suau Muslim party dress can be affected by many things, including the selection of size, color of clothing, models, as well as accompanying hiasan- decoration.

In order to get an impression of elegance while wearing a party dress, you need to pay attention to the size to fit. But it must be remembered always that the clothes do not show curves Shar'ie and not transparent. Selection of bright colors that will also give the impression of luxury in your favorite dresses. But still must be tailored to the theme, type, and timing of a party ya guys.

The latter is a luxury prom dress as ornaments attached to them. Decoration on dresses many kinds, there is just a combination of various materials, there is a mote-mote, there are decorated with pearls, and some are added embroidery on the dress. In addition, if you tidakbegitu fancy dress, you can be more creative to add accessories sendri asesoris- according creations but not too excessive. To enhance the look, use hijab with various models of trendy colors to suit the color of the dress.

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